Lottery Pools for California Businesses Available Online

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Playing at Work

Lottery pools for California businesses are a sure-fire way for co-workers to become united by offering the dream of walking away from the drudgery of a 9 to 5 desk job and into the exciting lifestyle of a multi-millionaire. There are secure websites that allow you to order lottery tickets online, streamlining the process of lotto play by easily assisting members in selecting lucky numbers, keeping track of draws and division of jackpots. Playing the lottery at work has truly never been easier.

More Players, More Chances

The more players in a lottery pool, the more chances there are to win. For instance, if a person enters a draw with 100 people rather than as an individual, the odds of hitting a jackpot in California are increased by 10,000%.  Using an online membership to create opportunities for group play allows the pool to grow exponentially. Online tools allow players to invite others into the pool and possibly increase the share of winnings.
There are three major lottery games available to Californians. Powerball and Super Lotto Plus numbers are drawn every Wednesday and Saturday. A Mega Millions draw takes place every Tuesday and Friday. Ordering tickets online for any or all of these draws, multiplied by the number of players in the pool, greatly increases the chances to win. 

How Online Ordering Works

Ordering lottery tickets online is a safe and secure way for groups to obtain tickets for draws without ever making, or forgetting, a trip to a retailer or standing in line. By paying for a membership with an online lottery ticket vendor, groups can easily sign up for automatic plays for any or all of California’s many lottery jackpots.
Select your own numbers for each draw or use a randomized Quick Pick to order your lottery tickets. This means the same numbers can be automatically played in every draw or new numbers can be used for each order. Members have the option to change their settings and preferences at any time.
The entire amount of any and all winnings goes to the person or group that has ordered the lottery tickets. Having a subscription to an online ticket ordering service means that winners collect 100% of every jackpot won.

Play and Win Responsibly

The California Lottery has initiatives in place to ensure lottery winners have assistance with financial management. It is not only critical to play responsibly but to also have a plan of action in the event the dream of being a millionaire becomes a reality. Playing in a lottery pool requires a great deal of planning and organization. From making sure tickets are securely ordered and safely stored to being accurately verified; there are a lot of aspects to consider when playing for a life-changing sum of money. Devising a written contract for players in a group lottery is another way to help keep everyone safe and will decrease the chance of disagreements in the event of a win.
Getting into the game of playing in lottery pools is made simple for California businesses by ordering tickets online